Flower Practice

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Colored Flowers

Yesterday I played. I usually strive for my art to be realistic. I’ve taken lessons from botanical artists and practiced seeing and showing the details accurately. This time I was just playing with my brush and colors. In a strange way, these are more accurate to the way we usually see the flowers around us. We don’t get out a magnifying glass to see each vein and nick of each petal. We see color and lovely curves.

Sometimes we fret too much about the details in our lives. Some may worry about their wrinkles and try to cover up the effects of time. Others worry about what they said and whether they offended their friend. There are those among us who need to organize their day and tasks to the minute.

Most everyone around us sees the overall picture. They respond more to our usual atmosphere of joy or sadness. They remember the things we did for them more than the exact words we said. Let’s worry less about the little things and not forget the important ones.

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