To My Young Friends

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I  was asked, “What would I like to be remembered for?” My instant answer was,  ” I want to be one who showed young women how to fulfill their highest calling.” For some that means to be successfully single in a sex crazed world. For some to be a good wife and friend to their husband throughout life. For others the additional calling as mom to members of the next generation.

I  don’t want any applause for how I live. I don’t want to be looked at like a stained glass saint that is impossible to follow.

My life is impossible for anyone else to live. I admit that. But the same Lord who saves me, empowers me, and teaches me will do these things and more for anyone who opens their heart and life to Him.

My direction manual, the Bible, is available to any who will open and read it. The principles in it work in every generation, every culture.

One of the ways God helps us stay on course is by giving us companions along the way. For some women, the friends they went to kindergarten with stay their friends for life. Most of us though, have to find those close friends at different stages of our lives. Society is so fluid that even if we never move, everyone we hold dear will move. But I have always had at least one close female friend and usually more than one. Even in the wilderness, God provided friends for His people.

We need each other. We need confidential friends and those who know us well enough to know when we are in need or in danger. If you don’t have friends like this, ask your Heavenly Father for one and then take the time and energy to develop the friendship. God uses good friends to help us through our griefs and and to keep us grounded through our successes. We also need the exercise of being a good friend to others.

Look for opportunities to grow or stretch or change. It may seem best to just keep doing things the same way. This is comfortable or at least a known quantity. But take the challenge to learn something new or take a new position or go somewhere new. You won’t be sorry for the experience. God will use it to enrich your life and other’s lives too.

Young women, give it your all, your best. Whatever you have to do today, do it with your whole heart. Even if it doesn’t make sense now, you will some day see how it built your character or gave you experiences you can use to help others or prepared you for an opportunity in the future.

I’m here. I’m rooting for you. And you have a Heavenly Father who wants your best. Don’t give up or give in! There is too much at stake.

This song has been the encouragement I needed at times to keep going and keep doing what is right. Let the words bless you, too.

Don’t grow weary or discouraged. Don’t surrender in the fight. Keep on moving in the Spirit, keep on doing what you know is right. There will be seasons of blessing and there will be weeping in the night. But soon you’ll be reaping the blessing, if you keeping on in the fight.

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