The God Who Sees Me

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It all started when I was reading the story of Hagar and Ishmael. Her story is a sad one. She was an innocent victim of Sarai’s misguided attempt to fulfill God’s promise of a son. After Hagar was pregnant, her relationship with Sarai became so bad, she saw no choice but to run away. Pregnant, angry, alone, she did not believe anyone knew about her or cared. Then God’s angel visited her. He told her she had to return and submit to Sarai, and promised her a son who would have descendants too numerous to count. Comforted, and with a promise from God, Hagar called God by a name that clearly described her experience with him:  The God Who Sees Me. For God had seen all of this crazy, mixed up story. (You can read her story in Gen.16 and 21:8-20)

That led me to read Psalm 139 again. It tells us in more detail the ways God sees us. He sees us when we sit and stand. He knows our thoughts and our words before we speak them. He sees us in the best and worst places we go. He sees us as well in darkness as in light. He even saw us being formed in our mother’s womb. You may know all of that, but perhaps this is a good time to focus on those truths again- find freshness in them.

So, how does God see you?

God sees your whole life; past, present and future. Since He sees it all, He is not surprised by events that surprise you. He sees how each part fits into His plan, what He can do with it, and how He will make it all work for your good.

He saw your body being formed in your mom’s womb. He knew the effect those genes and hormones would have on how you grew and how you age. He doesn’t look at us and say, “Oh, my, you’ve gotten quite fat or wrinkled or gray.” As we give our body to Him, He helps us become all we should be. He helps us be satisfied with ourselves. He gives us strength every day for that day’s needs. He sees you as you are and loves you.

He sees your thoughts and feelings. He sees when you are irritated or afraid or tired. He sees when you struggle with anger, and calms you if turn to Him. He provides a way of escape from your temptations. He sees you turn your thoughts away from the world’s way of thinking and He is pleased. As you spend time in His Word and with Him, even your thoughts are more in tune with Him.

He sees your hopes and dreams. Many of these He placed there for you to have a future to aim for. He knows what it will take to get you there. He will take you step by step to see your God-given dreams fulfilled.

He sees your hard work. He planned your work and then He helps you do what He planned. It makes Him happy when He sees your desire to please Him in everything you do. Whether your work is fulfilling or tedious, whether you see the worth of that work in this life or not, God stores up rewards in heaven for everything you’ve done in obedience to Him.

He sees where you go and why. Your agenda is not hidden from Him. Nothing pleases Him more than when you turn over your agenda to Him. He can turn it into a sweet-smelling offering.

He sees when others take advantage of you or persecute you. Your tears are kept, as in a bottle, as a memorial to Him. It is His work to vindicate you. In His time and in His way, He will give everything back to its rightful owner.

He sees your needs. Why not pour out to Him what your needs are? He knows them, but He loves to hear you ask. He longs to talk to you and fellowship with you.

Take a moment to consider:

Is there something in your life that you have hoped God doesn’t see? He has already seen it. Why not talk to Him about it? Is there something you thought He should have seen, but doesn’t seem to be doing anything about it? He has seen it. In ways you could never imagine, He will make that thing right. Trust God to see you with all the love of a Father for His dear child.

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