Hickory Leaves

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Hickory Leaves

These are Hickory leaves. This is the second time I painted these this week. The first time, I did not get the curves correct and as a result the left-hand leaf made no sense. I tried to ‘fix’ it a few different ways, but it was not going to work. So, because I loved the shape and the colors, I tried again. I used that first attempt to practice some other techniques. I learned some things that work and some that don’t. It wasn’t wasted. 

I am so thankful we serve a God who gives us a second chance, and a third and a fourth, if we need it. He does not just ball us up and throw us away when we fail. He doesn’t berate us and belittle us.

So, what do we do when we have done it wrong? We humbly admit we failed and ask our Father what He wants us to learn from it. There is no experience in our lives that is wasted. He makes all things work together in our lives to help us fulfil His destiny for us.  He is right there beside us, urging us on, and helping us wherever we are just too weak.

Are these the last Hickory leaves I’ll ever paint? I doubt it! Will I more carefully look at the shape and curves? You bet I will! Am I a step further in my walk with God as well as in my art? I’m sure of it. How about you?

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