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It’s been eight days since we were told we could not get close to each other, meet in groups, or travel farther than 6 miles from home. Our temp is taken and sanitizer used whenever we go to a grocery store or pick up food.

This is not a local phenomenon, it’s worldwide! It’s not for a few days, but weeks or perhaps months.

So how are you faring? Most everyone is well physically, if they don’t have on-going health issues. A few are still having emergencies crop up. But since we are mostly in our own home, I think even things like broken bones or concussions are very infrequent.

Our greatest enemy is fear  

It seems to me the stress is more from fear mongering. Even dear friends, thinking they are warning us, send every advisory that comes to their attention. So much of what is being passed around is not helpful and only increases the discomfort of being cooped up.

Do we practice social distancing? Yes. Do we wash our hands well and often? Yes. But, we need to stay healthy too. So, walk every day, be in the sunshine, let fresh air blow in your windows. Smile at anyone you see, even if you can’t have a chat. Fix healthy food. Catch up on sleep that you’ve been missing in your busy, usual life. These are all things you can do without harming others or risking your own exposure to Covid19.

We, as believers in Jesus, have hope. We pray and believe that God will keep us safe and healthy. But should we get the virus, He will help us heal and regain our strength. And what if He doesn’t? What if we get sick and die? Well, that is where Christians have hope that the world does not have. We know that if we die, we will be with God! Heaven is on the other side of this life. Nothing, absolutely nothing, can keep us from God’s love! (Romans 8:38,39) We have a sure foundation for our faith!

We are only shut in if we allow ourselves to be. We can reach out in prayer. We can contact the people we love and are concerned for in many ways. We can share the message of life and love with those who are so fearful and troubled. We can trust in our Redeemer, Healer, Comforter, Friend!

Romans 15:13- “May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in Him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.”

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