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This is a peach using Anna Mason’s tutorial. For those of you who have never eaten a peach, there are two ways to eat them. My preferred way is a good wash and bite! It is a sweet soft flesh with just a slightly sour edge. Mike only likes them if I peel them first. Why? Because he cannot stand the fuzzy skin. We both like them sliced with cold milk and a touch of sugar. These can have a seed in the middle that the fruit is stuck to. But most peaches today are free stone. This type is the easiest to eat because the fruit doesn’t stick to the seed.

This made me think about the way we can feel about people. Are we able to take them, fuzzy peel and fruit clinging to the seed, or only after they’ve had the fuzz and seed removed? Or maybe we don’t mind the fuzz, but that seed is annoying. If we wait until the fuzz is removed, we may have to wait a long time. If we are trying to wait for the fruit to come loose from the seed, we may never see that in our lifetime!

I am thankful God hasn’t given up on my fuzz or seed. He keeps refining me day by day, so my friends will have less reason to reject me. He has also given me lots of homework in accepting others just as they are. Sure, they may change over time, but if not, I’m learning not to reject them because of a little fuzz or clingy seed.

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