Passionate for Pre-born Babies

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In August, my niece, Kimberly Hubartt, posted what Abby Johnson said changed her mind about abortion. Here’s her summary:

“It was not the gruesomeness of abortion that caused me to leave my job. It wasn’t the blood. It wasn’t the baby parts. In fact, I spent years piecing together aborted babies before we disposed of them. It wasn’t the gore that changed me. The gore only showed me the death of something that I didn’t even consider valuable.

“It was the humanity that changed me. It was seeing a child fight for his life. Seeing that heart beating faster and faster until it finally stopped. It was seeing the natural fight or flight response that is in all of us…that’s what made me realize that abortion was wrong. Seeing that this tiny baby in the womb was no different than me…he was only in a different location…THAT is what changed my heart.

“This is why showing a woman the LIFE in her womb through an ultrasound is so incredibly effective. This is why showing her a tiny fetal model of her currently growing baby changes minds. Because we show her what IS…not what was.

“Where there is love, life naturally follows.”

To read more of her Abby’s story, see her Personal Information on her About page. It is really eye-0pening!

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