Mandarin Orange – Graphite

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Happy Chinese New Year! I’ve wanted to paint a mandarin orange for CNY this year. Wow, they are complicated! So, I’m starting to prepare to paint by doing a graphite study first. Although it’s not orange yet, it is a mouth watering mandarin!

I really don’t like to deal with the skins of navel oranges, which was the only kind of orange available when I was growing up. I was delighted to find these easy to peel, sweet, juicy oranges. I have loved this custom of sharing mandarin oranges for Chinese New Year all the years I’ve lived in Malaysia.

In Cantonese, the words meaning the custom of giving mandarin oranges is called, ‘giving gold’. Giving these oranges is a symbol of our desire to bless the recipient with prosperity and all good things.

So this Chinese New Year, I pray that our loving Heavenly Father will bless you with good health, wisdom, and all you need to meet your needs and enough to share with others!

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