Counting My Blessings

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I am 72 years old today. I don’t feel any different today than I did yesterday. You know the feeling. You kind of expect sometime you will feel different when you have a birthday. But that never seems to happen.

There are things about my body I wish were like they were when I was 35 or even 55. But like those days, this body will never be like that again.

There is much that I’m very grateful for. I’d like to share some of those.

I’m grateful to be alive and well. Too many friends and family deal with constant pain or threats of dire illnesses. My own mom died 22 years younger than I am! I have had only minor and transient health problems.

I am thankful that I can sleep well. Only on rare nights do I have trouble falling asleep. Usually I know what the cause is and try not to repeat that again. With regular rest, I have the strength and endurance I need for the next day.

I am grateful I can exercise. I’ve been exercising regularly for 15 years. I’ve been able to keep osteoporosis at bay, something so many of my female relatives have had to suffer with. I’m flexible for my age and have even been able to improve my balance over the last months.

I am grateful I can eat what I want to, within reason. Again, I know too many my age who suffer with diabetes or heart or kidney illness and need to limit their diet severely.

Beyond those obvious things, I’m grateful God has opened the opportunity for me to develop my art talent. That was a gift I didn’t know I had. It is late in life to begin, but now I have the time to practice, at least a little, every day. God blessing me with good eyesight and steady hands makes this a great hobby that can last long into my old age.

I am so thankful for God’s gift of a wonderful husband. Mike really loves me! He cares about what happens to me. He has made opportunities for me to grow and develop and serve others in whatever way I seem led. He is not selfish or bull headed. We have learned together how to care for each other on good days and bad. I am grateful that I can be proud of my husband and the way he treats others. Mike is God’s greatest gift to me.

I am grateful that God gave me two sons. They are very different and they have had very different lives than ours. But they are good men and I am proud of them.

I am a happy Grammy to two great kids! They are treasures and I pray much for them!

I am truly grateful for my friends (including my siblings). Each one has added to my life and my joy. I have friends I can share everything with. I have friends who share some of my interests and encourage me. I have young friends who keep stretching me and who want to hear what I have to share (a blessing many older people do not have). I have older friends who understand what I’m feeling without me having to use too many words. I have friends who won’t let me harbor hurt or anger or unforgiveness. They challenge me and pray for me and help me grow in compassion, graciousness and forgiveness. What a treasure they each are to me! I wouldn’t be the kind of person I am today without them.

Finally, and over all of these gifts, is God’s great love for me. He chose me and has kept me all these years. He has opened doors I never could have imagined. He has provided all I needed and plenty to share with others. He has been my dearest friend.

This is a short list, but the ones that seem most important today. Thank you, God, for 72 years!

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